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"No Service" on IPhone 4S after home from vacation in US.

We just got back from a short vacation in the US where we did not use our IPhone 4S phone. We ensured Cellular data was off in the US and may have turned something off to even prevent texts, though we don't recall what that would have been. Now that we are home we have "No Service" We have tried Toggling airplane mode on and off again. We have turned Cellular Data on. We have changed carrier to "Automatic", and we have also manually selected Koodo. Still "No Service"

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Hey there Benjamin! this happens allot for some reason! just head down to a koodo kiosk and have them put the sim into another phone and thier demo sim in your phone ! this usually fixes the problem! if not you may need a new sim card. If you have a friend or family on koodo and they have the same size sim card you can try swapping sim cards between the two koodo phones before heading down to the kiosk.
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Try Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
try to enable 3g on. Hope it helps
Even though we dont use data 3G must be enabled because koodoo sends phone and other info by 3G texhnology. You are not charged for data when 3G is enabled (it is required). Thanks to those who pointed this out on this thread. I got the info directly from koodoo tech and have been working great since.