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No service, NW Calgary?

  • 20 February 2013
  • 2 replies

I live in the NW Calgary area and for the last 2 days my phone (iphone 4S) just goes offline ( no service) on its own. Is there a network problem in this area?

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2 replies

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Hey Uchenna, everything is working as it should. Have you tried toggling airplane mode on and off?
This has been happening to me in the NE (very near downtown) since January. I get periods of Searching... or No Service in areas that just a few months before had not been giving me problems. Usually toggling airplane mode solves the problem, but overall this problem is very frustrating as I need to receive important work calls and other calls and find that I have missed them and they have gone straight to voicemail. Moreover, I have changed both my SIM card and my phone, still with no improvement. My wife has the same phone with Rogers and never has this problem. I am considering switching away from koodo.