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No service and no internet reception

I inserted the newly purchased SIM in my phone (Iphone 4) and it tells me I have no service and no internet reception. What is wrong?

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Has the SIM been linked tou your account by the rep who sold it to you?
Not quite sure what you mean. I set up the Koodo account, no problem. And on the Iphone it recognizes the carrier but I wouldn't have reception. (I am right downtown which is why I don't think this is normal.)
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When the new sim was purchased, was it activated? If not, that is the problem. If so, turn airplane mode on within the phone for about a minute then turn it off. When you see the network connection, make a call, send a text, use the internet. See if that worked.
Thanks for your reply! It probably hasn't been activated. I tried the airplane mode but it still doesn't work. The same is the case when I switch the phone off and on again.
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Go onto your self service click mobile phone/change phone and input your sim # into the empty box confirm the changes and you should be good to go!
Thanks for your replies! It works now. I tried a combination of switch off switch on, reset all settings, reset the phone with itunes, and such.