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no one can hear me

No one can hear me onmy phone...i had several phone calls tonight and NO one can hear me...ive had everyone i know try to call me and they cant hear me.. iphone 4s....

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1st, try rebooting your iphone by holding both the power button and the home button. 2nd, if that doesn't work, see if they can hear you when using a headset or earphones with a mic, this will determine whether it is a hardware issue or not. If the mic is indeed broken or defective, you'll have to contact apple about that. 3rd, if even using a mic from a headset or any external mic did not work, it could be a software issue or just bad connection. Try navigating through your settings and resetting network settings. You can find out how to do so through a google search if you don't already know. The final thing i can think of if none of this works is a factory reset just remember to backup your phone before doing so. Also how long have you had the iphone? If it's within 14 days, you can return the phone and get it exchanged for a new one as long as it hasn't been dropped, cosmetic damage,etc
hey thanks so much ive had this problem before with apple they did the whole factory reset and it was better for a month now its back again. Ive had the phone for quite a while but i take good care of it as its expensive and i cannot afford a new one i have not dropped it I shall try your suggestions , but ive had people call me from all over the world and i live near a cell tower and have never had problems on other phones before