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No LTE on iPhone 6 plus?

I just activated a koodo sim card for my iPhone 6 plus. Everything seems to be working, but I only get 3g, not LTE. (I'm in Calgary.) Why? How can I get LTE?

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Is it a Koodo iPhone 6 plus?
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Also is LTE enabled in your cellular settings?
It is an iPhone 6 plus from the apple store. LTE is enabled.
Also, LTE worked when I was with Rogers, but as soon as I put in my koodo sim card, it seems to have stopped working.
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Can you confirm that you're in an area where Koodo offers LTE? I've found that Rogers does have one of the best LTE coverage in Canada... Even downtown Toronto, there are times where I lose LTE on my iPhone 6.
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Koodo has LTE coverage in Calgary but it can switch back down to H/H+ if you're indoors or in a poor signal area. Try testing it outdoors.
It turns out that I was in a poor signal area. I expected it to be readily available throughout Calgary. That's a bit disappointing, but good to know. Sorry for the premature post, and thank for your help!
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We're always happy to help Jason. LTE is only going to get better and honestly, Canada is probably one of the country with the best LTE service/coverage right now 🙂
Are you dreaming? Do u ever travel outside Canada?