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No Cellar Data - International Combo $40 Add On


Just arrived in Belize with my iPhone 5

Before I left Canada, I called Koodo and activated the International Combo Add-On for $40 good for 30 days.

When I turned on my phone in Belize, I was immediately connected to the local carrier BTL (good!) and received text from Koodo confirming the International Combo Add-On (good again!).

However, I have no Cellular Data.  In Settings, the Cellular button is Off yet greyed out so I am unable to turn on.


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Is data roaming activated? 
Since the Cellular button in Settings is greyed out, I cannot access anything past that point.  

Problem solved!!

I removed SIM card then restarted the phone.  Cellular button then became "active".

I then turned on "data roaming" and was able to receive an e-mail on my phone I sent to myself from my laptop.

Final question:  keep data roaming on?  I won't incur any additional charges, etc.?
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Happy to see you solved the problem! 

If you keep data roaming on, you won't incur any additional charges. But make sur you don't go over what you paid for. It include 50MB, which will go out pretty fast if you use your phone as you would use it here in Canada. So if I'd be you, I'd close data and activate it only when I use it!

Also, make sure you close the data roaming when you come back to Canada. I had a friend who forgot to turn it off and then went on another trip without and add-on and he got charged without knowing that data roaming was still on. So don't forget to close that toggle when you've finished with your trip!