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No 100% Notification for Shock-Free data

I've been under the impression that with the Shock-Free data, my data should have been disabled when I reached the cap, with a notification plus the option to increase the cap. However just this morning I found that I had gone over my cap by 12 MB. No notification that I had reached this limit was ever sent to me (my last correspondence was 90% about a week ago). I've checked my settings and i do have notifications enabled for 50% and 90%, but there are no further options that could have disabled any notification. Needless to say I'm not terribly happy about the fact that the advertised Shock-Free Data doesn't work at its most crucial point. I was hoping to receive help on here, rather than having to spend the day waiting on the phone.

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Hi Jill - shock-free-data (SFD) is part of a relatively new suite of plans that have been available for the past few months. You're on a $40/500mb plan that you originally took when you came on-board last January. Shock-free-data isn't included with your plan, but you can switch to one of the newer plans to benefit from SFD if you'd like. You can easily switch plans yourself through self-serve. There's actually an equivalent plan at $40/month that still offers you 500mb with SFD, unlimited evenings and weekends, etc. There will be some slight differences such as the charges for going over your data, but you can review the details and see if this would be better suited for you.  
Ranjan wrote:

Hi Jill - shock-free-data (SFD) is part of a relatively new suite of plans that have been availab...

Thank you for the clarification. It seems very strange to me that the SFD is only available under a different plan with the same specs (the overage charge looks to be the same from what I'm reading). I've switched over in my plan settings to the updated shock free one.