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New to Koodo- No Sim - Invalid Sim

Switched from Telus month to month over to Koodo month to month. Using my existing Telus iPhone 6. Agent at Koodo store installed new Koodo SIM card. Within a couple hours I was on the Koodo system and everything was fine. By the end of the night I would have sporadic "no SIM card" messages. I reset the network settings, turned off phone. Both of which fixed the problem once each. This morning I was met by "no service". Living in town this has never been a problem. Reset the phone again. Performed an apple software update. Phone was then active again on the Koodo LTE network, within 20 minutes it says I have an invalid Sim. Any ideas what this problem is. The Koodo Telus agent installed the sim and activated my account in store.

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Could be possible that it is just a faulty sim card. You can take it back to the Koodo store and get them to test it for you and if necessairy give you a new one.