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New revised plans????

I went to change my iPhone plan I had 3 months ago from the $64/1GB/unlimited calling where I could call, free of fee to the US, to the $54/750 MB/1000 mins and now its saying that calls to the US are PPU at a rate of $0.50/min. 1) Did this just recently change? 2) If I were to change plans, would I lose my ability to call to the US free of fee?

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1) Not sure when it changed. Somebody else might chime in on that. 2) Didn't you say you're already paying US ppu rates? Anyways, if you did change to one of the current plans, calls to the US wouldn't be free of charge however there is a US LD add-on.
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The $64 plan has, and always had since its introduction, unlimited calling Canada-wide but it never offered free calls to the U.S. There's unlimited U.S calling, which has always been an add-on, for $10/month. Or $3/month gets you 5c/min calls. I think you may be misreading the provisioning codes on your account ie. "U.S LD $0.00" or something along those lines? That means the system enables the ability for you to call the U.S without extra charges, but actually using minutes are calculated at 50c/min.