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New phone same contract

I have an iPhone 4. My contract is completed and recently the phone stopped working. I want to get another iPhone, probably just a 4S because it would be free on a tab, but I want to keep the plan I have now as it was a promotion and a really good deal. Can I sign a contract but keep my current plan or would I have to buy the phone outright and add it to my current plan?

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Hi Holly, It all depends on your plan that you currently have. If you wanted to get an iPhone 4S on a Medium Tab, you would need to have a plan that is at least $30/month not including any add ons. If you don't have a plan that's $30 you will need to change it to one of the current plans Koodo offers. The only way to keep your current plan (if it is less than $30) is to choose a tab small on the phone, but it will cost $150 for the phone, so you have a couple of options in regards to upgrading. If you have any left over tab balance you can choose to add it to your next invoice or pay for it in store when you get a new phone as well. Hope that helps answer your question 🙂
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You can get the 4S now. Or if you wait until Koodo gets the iphone 6, I'm sure you can get the iphone 5c for a similar price as the 4S now
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As long as your plan costs 30 bucks or more you can get a tab medium if you want a tab large you have to switch to one of Koodo's tab large plans. Don't switch no offense but the Tab large plans suck.