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new phone, not connecting to network

  • 29 August 2021
  • 4 replies

Hello I got a new iPhone 12 from best buy today... she said I was good to go when I left the store but the phone is not connecting to koodos network. I can't make calls or text. 

4 replies

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This is strange. Have you checked if the rep put the SIM into the phone? Also, was the phone set to “airplane mode”? 

The SIM card is in.  Airplane mode is off. 
 Tried restarting phone. Tried taking out then reinserting the sim card.

I did notice when I looked at settings under cellular it says add plan ? 

I created a koodo account using my number and I can see I have a 10g data plan




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From the screenshot, it seems you are in a bad signal reception area (no signal bar). Were you indoor at the time? 

I recommend you bring the phone outdoor and see if the phone can pick up any signal. Also you could try to turn on WiFi calling. It should help you when you are indoor like that situation. 

The “add cellular plan” is reserved for eSIM. You don't need to use it if you had the physical SIM in the phone. 

I have not had a signal bar since I got the phone yesterday. None indoors or outdoors. I am taking it back to the store