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New Phone from apple/existing plan

I received a new iphone SE for my birthday (unlocked from apple). I currently have a phone/plan with koodo on which I owe 75 on my tab and I have the $25 unlimited text plan. If I bring my new phone to koodo, pay off my tab, can I keep the same plan on my new phone?

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You don't need to pay off anything to use your new phone. Simply remove the SIM card from your old phone and insert it into your iPhone SE (if the SIM card is the same size). If you need a different size SIM card, you can purchase one at a Koodo outlet.
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Hello Tammy. 

You don't have to pay the Tab. If it fits, put the SIM card of your old phone into the iPhone and problem solved! If it doesn't just buy another SIM and voila!
Thanks!  The saves me some money up front!