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New number for iPhone 7 Plus

I have an iPhone 7 Plus. Earlier this morning I went on the Koodo self serve site and went through the steps to change my number. It lists it as changed on the site but my phone is still operating under the new number. I turned it off and back on, checked the billing address to ensure it was the same area as the area code of the new number, but nothing. My phone is still operating under the old number. Any help or suggestions?

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I'd just wait a little longer... If self service reflects the new number, your phone has no choice but to follow eventually 🙂
Well another issue I’ve just realized is that several of my friends and family members have called that number and have told me that someone answers. So the number appears to be in use by someone else, which doesn’t make sense since it’s listed on the site as my new cell number.
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That is very weird.

Maybe there's a bug in the system? I would call Koodo or contact them on FB to see fi the port-in was made ok!