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New iphone, new sim problems.

So I just bought a second hand iPhone 4 (unlocked works on koodo network) and activated a new sim card to put in it, the new sim worked for a couple minutes and now the phone won't connect to the network. The sim works in other phones, so does this mean that there is something wrong with the phone? I've checked blacklist databases both in Canada and internationally and I can't find any record of it being blacklisted. Is there still a chance it is blacklisted? Could it be something else?

Now I'm not sure if this is related/relevant, but the calls I tried to make while on the network said they could not be completed because of my account, said I needed to top up or add a booster or something (it is prepaid, topped up and active). When I put the sim card in other phones it works fine and I don't get that recording.

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sounds like you narrowed down the issue to the phone.

Have you made sure 3G is on?

Are you getting a signal with the phone? How many bars?  Does it say it is connected to Koodo?
Now I feel silly, the 3G was disabled, and the phone call I tried to make earlier before that, I made a mistake in the area code and it was trying to call internationally. It still won't put a call through, but I only have 1 bar here so I'll try again later. Thanks 🙂