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New iPhone 6S Cost Confusion

I'm considering switching to Koodo and buying a new 64GB iPhone 6S. Just to be clear, am I correct in saying there is absolutely no discount for buying this phone through Koodo?

Everything I read on the site seems to promote the savings yet it looks like I would still have to pay the full $1,055 (just over a longer period of time using the Tab program).


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You are 100% correct.

The difference is that Koodo splits out the cost of the phone from the plan.

If you look at other providers, the phone seems discounted or free, but you are just paying more for your plan.  IN the Canadian Wireless industry, there is no such thing as a free phone.  They are just moving the cost of the phone to your plan.

With Koodo they try to make it more transparent.  There is a cost for the phone and a cost for the plan.
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Basically yes.
You do get the 21 activation credit when you activate the phone with Koodo.
So your final cost would be $1,034
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It's basically the same amount of money, just split up over 24 months instead of upfront. It's very similar to an interest free loan.
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Just another tidbit of information.
Carriers that claim you get a free phone with their plan just charge the same amount of money or more over 2 years.
The way Koodo has it structured is just a transparent way of showing you exactly what you are paying for.

Thanks for the information everyone. I would rather pay a cost upfront than spread it over 2 years even if it is the same amount.

Although I won't be buying the new phone through Koodo, I think I will keep my device and switch over anyways.
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That works too 🙂