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New iPhone 5/5s - Which tab?

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In response to Chennéy Kushner on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10152326652018102&id=14750623101 I really would like to upgrade to an iphone 5/5s but I can't which is disappointing. If i get the large tab I would not only have to change my plan but also pay an extra ten dollars a month. It's almost better to get a contract if I choose to get a new phone. I wish there was an alternative idea, I'm not willing to change my plan as its the reason I am with Koodo. It is an amazing plan and the only way I would change it would be by going with another company. I don't want to pay an extra ten dollars a month just to get the large tab/switch my plan it's so unfair!!! 😕 I guess I really don't have many options but would appreciate some help or ideas.

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Have you thought about waiting some time and try an buy a used one online?
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I think you will find that you get the same deal from the other carriers. If you go to another company and buy their iPhone 5S for $230, they require you to take a plan that is at least $70/75 per month -- and I expect that the plan is no where near as spectacular as the one you have right now. Your best course of action if you want to keep your current Koodo plan is take a Tab M to buy your iPhone 5S for $425 upfront. The other carriers don't even give you that option; they expect you take the more expensive plan ($70+) to get the phone for $230, or you have to buy the phone at full-price! There is no in-between.
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quasarito wrote:

I think you will find that you get the same deal from the other carriers. If you go to another co...

Working with all 6 major carriers, I can confirm this is true. Apple imposes strict pricing policies on every carrier (based on how much money the carrier pays Apple for every iPhone they activate) for typical 2 year agreements. Koodo is the only carrier that lets you go on a middle-priced subsidy to get a cheaper plan (on high-end iPhones, specifically).
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You can get a highly subsidized phone with high monthly prices OR an expensive phone with low monthly prices. Unfortunately it's one or the other. The carriers have to recoup the money for the subsidized phone in some way. With Koodo's tab at least that subsidy is visible. Personally I would never let go of a great plan. And a better plan is the only reason I would switch providers. Try to save up to buy the phone. Just like saving up to buy a tablet or laptop
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When you look at Koodo's tab large plans and the $10 Tab contribution, you have to compare apples to apples. Current plans with all carriers do not match up to older plans. The only difference now with Koodo's $10 contribution, is that they tell you what it is and its a separate charge. Other carriers definitely charge that $10, they just have it built into the plans, so the plans themselves are $10 more. But at least with Koodo the $10 comes off once your tab is paid off. The other guys will keep charging it as long as they can.
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Save up, but it when you have enough.