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new in canada credit check

I'm new in Alberta Fort McMurray, arrived here in canada last December 2013 and I'm trying to find a cellphone company for with 2 year contract with an Iphone 5s 16gb. Do you have any requirements such as credit checking? I don't have any credit card here in Fort Mc and I don't want to take a prepaid as always advised by other company. I have documents and ID's such as work permit, passport, SIN number. Class 7 Drivers license. I'm new here and I don't have any credit history here in Canada. All I have is my chequing account in TD Thank You

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Welcome to Canada, Julius! Since you're new here, you'll probably be put on some sort of spending limit program, meaning your bills MUST be paid on time and may never exceed $200... but apart from that I don't think you'll run into difficulties 🙂 Koodo has no contracts by the way, but you can buy a phone on a 2 year TAB. What sort of plan are you looking for? BTW all cell companies perform a credit check on postpaid plans, there isn't any that doesn't. You also need 2 pieces of ID and afaik, all 4 you mentioned suffice.
Wow! thanks btw, that answer is really fast! My problem is I don't have any bills payment under my name right now e.g. house rent, electric bills, Internet Service since this is all named under my Uncle and I don't want that my cellphone bills named also after himg. All I have is my chequing account and paycheck as proof of income, we tried on my first month here in Canada going to other cellphone Company and all of them saying that i have a bad credit. I'm just lookin for a plan which have unlimited canada wide, unlimited messaging , 500 or 1GB data, Unlimited incoming calls with iphone 5s16gb.
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JuliusMontealegre wrote:

Wow! thanks btw, that answer is really fast! My problem is I don't have any bills payment under m...

An option is for your uncle to set you up with a Koodo post paid plan for you and when you have developed enough credit you can transfer ownership back to you for $25
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If you opne an account with Scotia Bank Koodo will sign you up. Not only that you will get 30 minutes of free international long distance calls every month. See here. I think the program is called ScotiaBank Startright. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/30_minutes_of_free_international_long_ditance