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I have an Iphone 5S and I'm going to live in Montreal from August to January 2015. Which tariff can I use? I really want to keep my phone and call my Family, which lives in AUSTRIA (Europe). So I need a call and SMS package, please help me 😕

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Well if you're not going to have any sort of IDs when you get here you'll have to go with prepaid, which is actually pretty good. They all have unlimited international SMS (sent from Canada).

As for calling international, I would recommend a VoIP app like Viber, Skype, etc. To get in touch with your folks overseas. International calls off your cell would cost a fair bit of money.
Alright, thank you for your quick answer it helped a lot! 🙂 And what could my family do when they are here. They will stay about one week each month in Montreal. They must call colleagues in Austria. Should they also buy a prepaid card and write SMS or is there another solution? 😕 1000 minutes with an Austrian contract cost 150 Euro, about 230,- CAD per month. Crazy prices ..
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Well for you, if you manage to get some kind of IDs to open a postpaid account and the system accepts it, I would get the LD Saver add-on for $3/month. It gives you 5c/min calls to Austria. For your family, since they're only staying for a week, I would look into another provider's prepaid option because Koodo's base plans start at $15 and are effective for 30 days rather than using a pure per minute option. I would still recommend using a VoIP app or a calling card.
better late than never 🙂 Convinced! My brother and me will come to you and get prepaid cards. I think we'll also need 2 new phones 'cause ours aren't unlocked. That's a problem isn't it? My mother will also take prepaid per month, it's easier to get everything from one hand. Many thanks for your recommendation, I hope I can get back to you, if I need further information. Greetz, Eva
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Eva Berthold wrote:

better late than never 🙂 Convinced! My brother and me will come to you and get prepaid cards. ...

I'd recommend contacting your Austrian provider regarding getting your iPhone 5S unlocked. It'll most likely be a lot cheaper than getting new phones.