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Hey Koodo, So I have an idea that I would like you to take into consideration. First of all, my My monthly bill is suppose to be $70-$80 a month but somehow always turns out to be around $110-$120. Not sure how most times, but I am sure it is because of the Data. I would like, as well as many others I am sure. Maybe a text when I have reached my limit and then it can stop using my data so that I don't go over. As soon as I hit the 100% data usage it just wont let me use data anymore unless I am under Wi-Fi. And also, in that text message that you guys send out around the 75% mark maybe in that text you can say when my next bill starts, we have too much other stuff going on to remember when our new bill starts and when we can start fresh with our data usage. Just a thought! And also, this isn't really an idea but I bought my IPhone 5s in gold about five months ago and I really wanted a 16G because I take a lot of photos and my phone fills up fast, but when I went to buy it there were no 16G the man told me it only came in 8 or 32. Which I found wasn't fair and I certainty think that there should be a 16G. Unless he just told me wrong or didn't know the right information. But in the end I ended up getting the 8G which is not enough at all. I am constantly having to delete photos in order to take more which isn't fun at all and I should have to be doing that already or at all. Anyway. That was my one idea and my thought on the 16G IPhone 5S phone. Thank you for your time.

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Hi Molly,

Koodo does have a text notification system in regards to data usage. You can activate it via self serve. The steps are as follows:

Log in to your account - click on Usage - then select Change Notification settings under Data Notifications - Select On then click Update. When you reach 75% and 95% of your data you'll be notified.

In regards to your bill, you can check page 3 and it should list what the extra charges are for on your account.

Hope that helps 🙂