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Are you a new customer? Koodo usually sends an email containing activation information at the time of shipping. Sometimes it lands in your junk folder, and at times the two departments are not quite in sync, delaying your activation email. If no email is in your junk folder, contact Koodo to get it addressed. I suggest a Private Message through their Facebook page or a DM through Twitter, rather than a phone call. If you are an existing customer, you may be able simply to switch your SIM card from your old phone to the new.
New customer. Sent a PM to koodo on Facebook. No response on Facebook nor did I receive the promised call from tech support this morning (they told me last night they would call today) so I went to the Koodo store in the mall. After 1.5 hours waiting in the store with the Koodo rep. on the phone with Koodo tech support the issue is still not fixed. Apparently it’s been escalated to the “highest level of tech support”. I was instructed to go home, restart my phone in 24-72 hours and wait. The issue has not been communicated to me. I’ve only been told that “some thing needs to be fixed on the back end of your account.”
I received the activation email... the issue is my phone is not connecting to the Koodo network. The Koodo rep tried a different SIM card and the phone instantly connected.