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New customer. Can make calls but can't receive any calls (iPhone 6)

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Did you recently port in your # from another carrier? There's usually a delay, during which time your outgoing calls will go through but incoming ones might be going to your previous provider's SIM card.
That's exactly with what's happening with my mom's new phone, she recently switched to Koodo, and can make calls but can't answer them. When you dial into her new phone it rings off her old phone. Any idea how long this delay can take? 
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I believe it depends from a customer to another! How recently did she switch?
Just yesterday. So I guess I should contact her previous carrier to find out if the transfer went through?
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Landline transfers usually take 3-5 business days to complete. Wireless number ports usually complete within a couple of hours.
Ok. Good to know. It has been a whole day and still nothing. The Koodo person told me to power cycle it - turn it off then on. I will see if that works first.