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  • 19 August 2020
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We are thinking over switching over to you from Telus. There are 4 of us in our family that need new phones. I have read over your online information on your plans and phone options. What can you do for us to entice   us to make the switch? A special deal for 4 of us joining? Family plan? 

2 replies

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Koodo doesn't do family plans. None of the flanker brands do. All you really get is unlimited calling between lines on the same account. Also keep in mind that Koodo is a Telus subsidiary. I guess I'd wait for back to school deals and such to see what there might be but I wouldn't expect much for a single customer, especially when Telus typically wants people to go “ up” to Telus instead of “down” to Koodo

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@Rjyoung - while Goran is right (we don’t have family plans), there are definitely still ways to get more value out of your plans and how you set them up.

That said, is there anything in particular about your TELUS service that you’re unhappy with or just isn’t cutting it? I would recommend contacting them to see what can be done to help make things right first.

That said, if you’re still unhappy with what you hear, your best bet would be to send us a private message on Facebook. One of our reps can gather more info. about the different needs for each plan, and offer up the best options that would make sense for you, and maybe even do something extra for you. Reference this community post, and let us know how that goes :)