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New Account Issues (AGAIN)

Seriously Koodo, you have the WORST new user experience of any carrier in the industry. It is kind of funny I am posting this new issue / question years later when my old postings on Koodo forum back then were for exact same types of issues.

Years ago was on another carrier, ported into Koodo, had all kinds of issues (mainly with website not working at all) finally got stuff fixed up and had a relatively uneventful stay at Koodo (well except for an issue with my Tab that was never resolved) we did leave Koodo to go to Telus over the summer as they had a really good promo at the time.

Fastforward to Black Friday weekend, my parent in laws needed new phones so I bring them into kiosk to get setup with 2 lines + iPhones on your sale.

Rep in the Koodo kiosk sets up activation (after a VERY LONG WAIT) but tells us that account changes need to be called in to complete as not possible to do in kiosk.

I attempt to access self serve to register account first but (surprise surprise) self serve of course does not work. *sighs*

Call *611
The rep in call centre tells me
1- He can see error in online account and knows why I can not register, asks me to log out so he can complete changes then log in to verify. I log in, changes made but no promos were applied to the account (despite my having promos in writing on contract I signed). Rep in call centre goes in again to fix (and claims there are no promos on account on his end, despite my seeing them on paperwork)
2- He also tells me store is incorrect and they should have been able to make all the necessary account changes for me and saved me the call into call centre
3- Based on time stamps, WITHIN 15 MINUTES of ending the call with call centre, BOTH LINES RECEIVE NOTICE THEY ARE CANCELLED AS OF DEC 3rd AND NOW NEITHER PHONE WORKS (although ironically I can still log in to self serve, it just shows a blank screen since no numbers are attached to the account)

I am quite ticked off at Koodo in general now but have a slew of questions I am wondering about

A- Why is the activation process with Koodo always such a hassle? Seriously
B- Why do store reps & call centre reps always blame each other? In above scenario who is correct?
C- Why exactly does it ALWAYS (4 different lines now) never allow self serve registration without calling in?
D- Why would Koodo cancel my service on a brand new activation???
E- Technically since Koodo cancelled my service without 30 days notice is this not a breach of the Wireless Code? Also the same Wireless Code seems to imply I would not owe Koodo anything (since they have now zero out my Tab, could I simply get a Koodo BYOD plan instead?)
F- If I do bother with calling call centre again, is there a better number to call instead of slogging through 30 minute wait times on hold?
G- What would be contact info for executive office?

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From what I gathered, you used an old account, that you used before. Now you asked the agent to use it to activate new lines? Or are you an existing customer, and you added new lines to the current account?

The deactivation of the lines could be a mistake of the system during activation.

They don't publicize the information on the executive office, but the CRTC information is available: https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/phone/plaint.htm
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@Shawn, you will have to send us a private message via Facebook to secure your account info. Once that's done we can look at the details. 
@Azure123 no this is a brand new account (since credit info is under my parent in laws names) they just added me as auth user since they know I am used to dealing with things like this

@Bernard yeah I filed a CCTS complaint already (as far as I am concerned there are 2 Wireless Code breaches here; 1- Plan on Self Serve account does not match the documents printed out & signed in store 2- It actually is against law to disconnect service AFTER 9PM by Koodo whatever reason they think they had)

CCTS has expedited the claim since it is a no service issue so Koodo must provide resolution within 7 days now

I wrote that long diatribe last night mainly in anger but I am going to push Koodo for compensation on this matter

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ShawnKavanagh wrote:

@Azure123 no this is a brand new account (since credit info is under my parent in laws nam...

Good Shawn! Will let the them decide if the submission is in scope or not. They drive that not us. At that time we will have the account in question and can provide the details to them as to what exactly happened if indeed they deem it to be in scope. 
lol ok called into customer service today and Koodo said they could not find the account. I argued with them then they found it and said fraud team cancelled it. So they wanted to speak to one of the subscribers on account who does not speak english. I asked if they have any Vietnamese speaking reps so now am on hold 

Apparently they want us to scan their personal ID to TELUS (not Koodo) which is privacy issue why would store not have verified info at time of activation
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ShawnKavanagh wrote:

lol ok called into customer service today and Koodo said they could not find the account. I argue...

Ok, if you choose that path then good luck. They could be confused and thought someone used other ids to activate the phone line.

Koodo and telus share the same team of fraud investigation, I believe.
ShawnKavanagh wrote:

lol ok called into customer service today and Koodo said they could not find the account. I argue...

You are correct, the email to submit info to is a Telus employee not a Koodo employee.

I have a VERY serious issue with Koodo (Telus) privacy compliance but will start a separate thread since it is only tangential to issue of my account cancellation