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Network setup process unsuccessful

I forgot to activate my sim card using self serve before I inserted the sim card and booted up and setup my iPhone SE. It obviously couldn't do the network setting but then I activated my sim on self serve and reset my phone and everything but my phone is still not connected to a network. How do I go through the network setup process again?

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I have activated my sim card on self serve and Hv inserted it and it still says no service
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Is your phone also new or was it with another carrier before?
Brand new... Apparently You have to activate the sim online then wait 15 minute before inserting it into your phone and turning your phone on for the first time. the instruction weren't clear to do this so i just inserted the sim and turned the phone on and even after rebooting, activating sim.. i still have no service
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That shouldn't jmpact your service working. Really odd. Maybe it didn't activate properly. You can always send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter to see if there's are back end issues or issues with the activation process and sort it out.