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Need to know If I can change my plan on my iPhone 4s

I went on the koodo tab for the iPhone 4s. I started the plan before Christmas and went with the $65/month koodo large tab. I'm paying about $85-$110 a month for this plan (keep going over data) and since I just moved out on my own it is no longer in my budget. I still owe $236 on the tab. I was just wondering if it possible to change my phone plan to a cheaper plan on the medium tab. Or if I would have to pay off my iPhone to switch. Not really needing the data on the plan as long as I have texting and calling. Thanks for the help

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Sorry but to leave the Tab Large Plans you need to pay off your Tab Large in full first.
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Hi Robbie, In this case you will need to pay off your tab in order to change your plan since it is on a tab large. When you have no tab you can choose any of Koodos current plans and if you want, you have the option of paying into a positive tab or getting the No Tab discount on your monthly plan. Hope that helps answer your question 🙂
Thank you for the help! Looks like I'll have to wait to change my plan.