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Need shipping info

Hi, I bought a new phone this past cyber Monday and I haven't received any shipping information. Could you please give me the details about it? My order # is: HFO16735938 Thank you

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I ordered a phone and it took a week for me to hear back.
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Hello Ruth

It takes a few business days for orders to be processed under normal circumstances. Given that Black Friday was one of Koodo's busiest shopping periods of the year, there is indeed a backlog of orders that the team is working through. Rest assured, that you will be notified once your order is processed, OR if the team finds any issues with your order. If approved, you'll receive a confirmation with tracking info. for your delivery. If there are any problems, the email will explain what the issue is.
Thank you. I think I'll try to contact them again because I still haven't receive anything from them
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Hey Ruth, please take a look at this Community article http://koo.do/2gaKL3f for an update on Webstore orders.  Thank you!