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Need my prepaid card from Mac to work but it won't why ?

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What is happening exactly, Winter? Was this a Koodo prepaid card purchased through McMaster U (sometimes referred to as MAC) or a Mac's convenience store? We'll need more information so that we can better assist you.

Edit: There's also a MAC prepaid VISA debit card - is this what you're referring to?
Couple of stipulations for this card regarding online purchases:

[b]Can I make Internet, telephone or mail order purchases?
Yes. You may use your MONEY ACCESS CARD (MAC) VISA®️ PREPAID CARD to purchase goods or services over the internet, by telephone or by mail order. Please make sure to provide the valid address information when making these types of purchases to avoid unnecessarily declined transactions.

[b]Why was my transaction declined online or over the phone when I had enough funds available?
The purchase you made online may have been declined because the address you provided to the merchant is different than the address we have on file for your MONEY ACCESS CARD (MAC) VISA®️ PREPAID CARD.