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Need more Coverage in Northwestern Ontario!!!

Currently living in Northwestern Ontario and wondering why coverage is so limited here. Most cell phone companies offer larger areas for 3G service and Koodo is very slow at expanding the coverage areas. We are canadians, why cant our service go from one end of Canada to the other?? Please partner with more companies to expand your services so your company will be a Cell phone proivider worth the bragging rights it deserves. Love everything else about my Koodo choice other then coverage unstability. Common Koodo. Get with the times and get coverage to the areas needing great providers. TBAYTEL is starting to look like the better coverage providers for us Northwestern Ontario residents.

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Most companies? Koodo, Bell, Telus and Virgin all share towers and have more or less equal coverage in NWO. The only national provider with more is Rogers, who signed an exclusive agreement with Tbaytel to use their towers. This means they have roughly a 10 year headstart on all the other companies who have to build their networks from scratch, at a cost of about $150,000.00/tower, which covers a radius of maybe 30 miles on perfectly flat ground. It's coming, but don't expect seamless coverage by next month.
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Yep Tbay Tel is to blame...... They signed an agreement with Rogers which provided Tbay Tel with more phones. In return, Tbay Tel doesn't have any roaming partners but Rogers. Bottom line Tbay basically is making any cell phone provider to build their own infrastructure to increase coverage.