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need help with poor credit

ok i have no credit im using bell plan right now i own a koodo iPhone and also unlocked iphone both i want a plan but no contract im not getting any phone from koodo do they do a credit check will i be refused since i dont buy a tabbed phone from them can i get a plan monthly plan with no contract

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Hi Billy, Yes, if you want a postpaid plan, there will be a credit check. You can visit a kiosk and they will be able to tell you where you're at with your possibilities - who knows you might get a "yes" - though they'll probably put you on a spending limit program. An alternative is prepaid, which is actually quite awesome on Koodo - it's just like a plan really. What sort of minutes/data use are you looking at? Based on that, it will be easier to recommend a course of action for you 🙂
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The only way to find out what you're eligible for is to try it out anywhere that activates Koodo postpaid.
i need high data and unlimited voice i travel canada a lot
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NO ONE here can tell you what is going to happen. You won't know if you will be approved or denied until you go in-store and attempt to activate a line. Good luck 🙂!