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Need Help with Plan Upgrade, where's my Data?

So I changed my plan from the basic one to the $45 a month one, I would say two weeks ago. However when I don't have a wifi connection and subsequently try to use data, nothing happens... I try to open the internet and am told I do not have a connection. Why is this when i have changed my plan to include data?

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Make sure Mobile Data is enabled on your phone settings. On a recent Android phone, it can be found in Settings => Connections => More Networks => Mobile Networks => Mobile data.
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Since you've tagged that you're using an iPhone, I'll post how to do what Bob said but on the iPhone as the Android way would be useless to you. Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data 'ON' (make sure its green). If this is already on, it could be blocked at the account level in which case I'd login to self-serve and see if you have the "Data Block" add-on. If so, go to change/remove add-ons, remove it and your data should work within a few minutes.
I followed your instructions, and it worked! Thanks so much 🙂