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Need help to transfer my phone number and port it to my new phone and provider

  • 13 October 2021
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I went to a local kiosk and they told me I needed to get Koodo to port over my sim or phone number to my new phone (I changed providers and have a temporary phone number now)


they told me I’d only have an hour and a half to do this but wouldn’t ya know it as a still paying Koodo customer with two phones under Koodo I can’t even talk to a representative unless I book a callback which will be a day from now and by then my time to complete the port would have expired tenfold…...


Best answer by Goran 13 October 2021, 01:57

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8 replies

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Sorry… are you porting a number to Koodo or are you porting out from Koodo to another carrier?

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What do you mean by "  it as a still paying Koodo customer with two phones under Koodo"?

Didn't you just sign up with Koodo?



@Goran porting out from koodo to another carrier ! :)

@Mayumi No I had 3 phones but I upgraded one of them and decided on that phone I would change providers

@Mayumi sorry, to answer your question, I didn’t just sign up with koodo ive had them for a while but I did just sign one of the phones up with a new provider

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Koodo doesn't do the actual porting. What you do is you initiate the port with your new carrier. You keep the Koodo Sim card in a phone to be able to port as it needs to be active and in a phone to get ported. You need to respond to a port confirmation sms.

@Goran Unless I am misunderstading I am unable to do that because I do not have my old sim card containing my phone number, it is lost 

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Oof, you do need to have the SIM card in order to receive a confirmation text. You will have to contact Koodo on FB at www.m.me/Koodo