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Need help regarding iphone 5c

last night i change on here my sons plan from $28 one to a $40 one so he'd have data. still not allowing him any data however, even though it successfully changed on here.please advise how we can get the data working?

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Is your phone from Koodo? Make sure your APN settings is set to Koodo.
Is your data on? 
Also,check his plan's add-on if he has data block on his account. If it is, then remove it.

If you don't see it and those suggestion didn't work, call Koodo *611 option 6 for tech support.
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Hi Kelly ! 

Did you try Mayumi's suggestion ? Please note that if you still have the old data block add-on, it will not appear on Self-Serve even though it's still there. If that's the case, your best bet would be to contact us.

Keep us posted 🙂