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Nano Sim

Hi! Its posible to change my sim card o a nano sim card for iphone 5 and where can i get it? Thanks

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From Koodo shops, from Koodo dealers (Walmart/future shop/Best buy etc..) online http://www.koodomobile.com
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Hi Camila... Check the store closest to your place and go there to get it as Mat said, It will cost you 10$, your plan and number will remain the same... Here's the store locator http://koodomobile.com/en/qc/storelocator.shtml
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Visit your local KOODO Shop and they can sell you a SIM card for $10+tax. They will then be able to put it onto your account for you before you leave the store as well, so make sure to bring in your phone. If it is an unlocked iPhone 5, let them know and they will check to make sure it is compatible before you buy the NANO SIM.