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My sister has moved to Europe, paid off her tab, and paid to unlock iPhone 4. SIM card is still described as locked.

My sister was living in Canada, but has now returned to Germany. I paid her phone bill, paid off her tab for iPhone 4, paid (today) to unlock the phone. She has tried syncing to iTunes, but the phone still reads "SIM Locked." What are we missing?

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Give Koodo a call and confirm that they have completed the unlock. If so, back up the device via itunes and icloud, then set up your phone as new and restore from your back up afterwards http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5014
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You need to factory reset your phone via iTunes for the unlock to take place. Remember to back up important data first.
I spoke again with Koodo and with Apple. My sister is going to try to restore the phone through iTunes.