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My referral has a problem paying the bill

My name is Heidi Lorentz cell phone number XXX-XXX-XX45. I referred my mother and she recently set up her account. However, she wants to pay by credit card but every time she wants to login in by phone or koodo login it says that her that her email is linked to another email address and we're waiting for permission from the owner of that email address (meaning mine). Wondering how to resolve this issue. Please help. My mother is Betty-Gail Lorentz. Her cell is XXX-XXX-XX30. Email: XXXXXXXXXX@XXXXXX

Edit: Removed personal information

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If you're a new customer, make sure you've validated your account by following the steps outlined in the email you received when you activated your Koodo phone. If you didn’t get an email from us, check your junk or spam folder. If you're still experiencing an issue, or seeing a message that says "Approval Needed" or "Waiting to be Approved," but you're the account owner, you'll need the help of a rep to reset your account.
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@Heidi Lorentz : don't put your personal information in a public forum.

If you saw the message, you would need Koodo reset it for you. You could send message to their facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Koodo) or setup a call back through their digital assistant. www.koodo.com/chat