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My phone will not text or make calls. It worked a few weeks ago. Why does it not work?

My phone is activated and has monthly top ups.  I activated it a few weeks ago and it worked fine for texting and calling.  I did not used it for two and 1/2 weeks.  Now it will not text or call and says 'no service' where the provider should be.  In settings it tells me my carrier is Koodo but I am not on a network.  I have an iphone4.  I have the plan where I can make calls and text but I have no data.  My account looks fine when I login.  I have lots of minutes left and unlimited texting.  I tried taking out my sim card and powering down.  Why will my phone not work?

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Try doing a power cycle on your phone.  Turn your phone off, take the battery out (if possible) and remove the SIM card.  Wait 45 seconds. Put SIM (and battery if it came out) back in.  Turn phone back on.  That MIGHT solve your issue.
Hope that helps!
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Do you have access to another phone on the Koodo network you can insert your SIM to check it is working (they sometimes stop working)? Or another SIM (from a friend) you can use to check your phone?  A final option would be to stop by a Koodo shop and ask if they can check your SIM to see if it is the problem.

I am assuming you are in an location with strong signal strength.

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Have you tried resetting your iPhone 4 network settings? To do this, go to: Settings > General > Reset. Select Reset Network Settings - tap the Reset Network Settings button. The iPhone will reboot. When it turns on, the default network settings will be restored.