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My phone was dead.


I recently purchased iPhone 5c with Tab from Koodo.
But from yesterday it turns off randomly, and now it doesn't turn on although I fully charged. I have never ever dropped on the floor or into the water, so there's no crack or flaw in my phone.
I think Koodo have to replace another one.
please let me know how to do.


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If it has been less than 15 days, just go back into a Koodo store and exchange it. If it has been more than 15 days, you can go to an apple store to get it fixed/replaced.
But it's not a new phone. Probably that is refurbished phone. I got that without any case, manual, and warranty.
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You still have a 6 month warranty if you bought it from Koodo. Give Koodo a call first then about getting it fixed/replaced.

Got it.
Thank you for your help.
And how can I get a proof of purchase on the website?
For example, order history.