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My phone keeps freezing when I'm trying to type or wach a video

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I see this is for an iPhone, but can you elaborate exactly when the freezing happens? Which exact iPhone do you have, and how long have you had it? Like, when you start typing something, or all the time when you are typing? And when watching videos is the freezing constant, or again only happens when you start trying to watch something? I hate to answer your problem with a bunch of questions, but there really isn't enough information to go on with what you wrote in, and more specific information would be helpful to all who read to try and help figure it out 🙂
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Try closing the App. Hold home button and swipe away apps and opening it again, sometimes that can help. If not, (iphone right?) Hold the home button and the lock button together until the apple comes up. its a quick fix that helps 99% of the time.