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my koodo tab is +90 how much of a discount will that get me on a new phone? i know a koodo tab of +150 is equivalent to 650$. thanks!

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Hi David, What the positive tab will do is allow you to put that much extra towards the retail price of a phone. So if you choose any form of tab you just add an additional $90 to it. Tab small would be $150 + $90, medium tab would be $300 + $90 and large tab would be $500 + $90, keep in mind it these amounts are meant to be taken off of the phone you choose. Hope that helps 🙂
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That's not how it works. You will have an extra $90 to use on top on any tab you choose. So, if you choose to upgrade using a Tab S, you have $90 + $150 towards a phone If you choose Tab M, you have $90 + $300 towards a phone (and $5 will be added to your bill every month) Choose Tab L, you have $90 + $500 towards a phone. ($10 will be added to your bill every month. Or you can just put $90 towards the cost of the phone and not choose a tab and receive the No-Tab discount of 10%/month.
I know this is 4 months old and i hope someone might answer this, but what happens on your bill if you finally reach a +150 tab? Is there any way to stop building a tab when you finally reach a tab of 0?
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Yup! You can just change to the 10% discount and wait until you want to use it! The positive tab will stop at $150 though and it won't automatically change to the 10% discount.
Justin you're really on your game 🙂, thanks again !
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Haha. Naw I'm just snowed in and bored. 🙂 glad I could help again!