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my iphone 6s has accidentally broke how do i see my coverage?

im sure i have coverage to get my Iphone 6s 16GB grey LTE ARTL  replaced i think i have geek squad coverage but how do i check ?my plan is koodo

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If you believe you got Geek Squad coverage you will want to contact them or go to your local Best Buy to see what kind of coverage you have and how to go about getting your phone fixed.
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Hey Bella,

You can check your coverage with Apple by clicking this link: checkcoverage.apple.com

If it does say you have Apple Care Plus, you can call Apple technical support by dialling 1-800-263-3394. If not, you probably have Bestbuy Geeksquad. In that case, I recommend going to a Best Buy location and make a claim. Keep in mind for next time, Koodo offers Apple Care Plus monthly from $7-$9 or outright from $129-$169 depending on which iPhone. Apple Care Plus tend to be more cost-effective in the long run, $29 for physical damage and $129 for water damage compared to $149-199 with Geeksquad.