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My iphone 5 constantly does not use wifi, it uses my data all the time.

  • 18 April 2015
  • 3 replies

My iphone 5 constantly does not use wifi, it uses my data all the time. My husband and I can sit in our living room with wifi all around and if fails to connect properly going in and out of wifi...it is costing me a bundle! Any ideas?

3 replies

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Hi Leon, Make sure your iPhone is up to date by going in your settings and under general check software update. If it is up to date, switch it to airplane mode for a few minutes then try to connect to your wireless network again. If you are still experiencing troubles connecting, try restarting your phone. If none of that works, make sure you are using the proper login credentials for your home WLAN. Having the wrong password can sometimes do the trick. Try getting your iPhone to forget the network and reconnect as if it was a new network. If this all fails, then bring your phone right next to the access point, if it connects and stays connected than your issue becomes just the fact that your wireless signal is not strong enough for your iPhone. If after this you are still experience issues, let me know and I can help you with some more technical troubleshooting for your issue. Hope this helps!
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If you have a lot of other Wi-Fi signals from surrounding users, your Wi-Fi may be impacted. If so, having another access point closer to where you use your phone might help. My better half's iPhone 5 has no trouble on our network, but we are in an uncontested area.
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Are other devices connecting just fine? Maybe try unplugging the router and plugging it back in. Also is your phone automatically connecting to something like a chromecast for example? Since internet won't work then and you'll need to connect to your home wifi. (If you don't own a chromecast or similar device ignore this)