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my husband phone is offline

  • 23 August 2020
  • 4 replies

Could you please check why ****  phone is offline 

I am very worried about it 

can not connect with this phone 

4 replies

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Are you able to get in touch some other way? Could be the phone is on silent or Battery is dead. I suppose thst you could check in self-serve that it's not late payment

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Define offline. Not ringing, showing no service, won't turn on?

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Have you tried re-starting the phone?


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Hello Vas,


Please, avoid posting personal information as your phone number. I found your account in the system and I can confirm that the service is active.  Try to power cycle the device, check if the phone is on airplane mode. If is still not working, you can write us on Facebook or Twitter and we will contact our colleagues from Tech Support. 


Best regards,