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My friend go a free iPhone 5c for free ? How do i get one for free? Her plan was also kood?!

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If you get the iPhone will a Tab Large as well as a Tab Large plan, you can get your iPhone 5C for 0$ down and pay off the 500$ tab with your regular billing cycle every month.
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By buying it on tab large. It's not free though. Your friend is paying it off every month for 24 months.. https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell-phones/iphone/apple-iphone-5c-8-gb/prodKLAI5C8GBBL.html
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I think your friend go the promotion where the 5C was free on tab M. This promotion is now unfortunately gone so unless you buy it with Tab L, there's not going to be any more free 5Cs
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The Free 5C promo ended. You should have jumped on the chance to get it sooner