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My data usage wont update! And my phone wont let me turn off my data

Help! I never get warning texts or self serve app updates on my data usage, so I never know how much data I am using until I am 50$ over!! Ive even turned off my data and my phone, and when I turn my phone back on, I find out that I somehow used 1000 MB of data while it was off..When I log into the self serve app, it shows as "last updated 3 days ago" and even when I refresh it both on my phone and computer, it still wont show me m current amount of data that is left.

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Hi Brittany, there can be delays with the notifications, depending on traffic on our network and the length of the usage sessions (it's only "counted" once you finished using it). This can affect the notifications and the usage indicated on Self Serve. We recommend that you monitor usage directly on your phone as well. You could install an app to help you, such as Onavo Count http://koo.do/1O7rWs5. If your billing cycle just started over, it could also take a little time before Self Serve is updated. However, usage on the mobile network can't happen if data is disabled on your phone. You should read this article made by our Mobile Master, Richard: http://koo.do/1QGrY0x. It's pretty useful 🙂 Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Thanks for the app suggestion! 🙂 Apple discovered it was an actual phone defect (data leak) and the entire phone needs to be replaced. That is why my data was going over even when I had it off in my settings