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My current plan vs new one

Hi I was just wondering I have the old $45plan that was double data and minutes so 1GB data and 400 mins unlimited txt and incoming calls. I dont want to switch this plan i want to keep it .I'm wondering if everything offered in that plan will still be good like will I still have unlimited incoming calls as I see its no longer offered in some of the new plans? Also will the same data overage apply it was always $5/500 mb Not sure if this change koodo made is good or bad lol

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Nothing changes with your current plans. You can keep it as long as you want. The new plans come with 15% tab instead of the 10% and they wipe the tab after 2 years, but the choice is yours.
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Your current plan will only change if you change it to one of the new one.
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I have the same plan. We are good as long as we dont switch our plans. Because our plan is $30 or over we also qualify for the Tab Medium if we decide to upgrade our devices
Thanks so much guys! When there is a change this big there is bound to be confusion for a little while. Now I've got it lol