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my cell number in invalid now? still possible to unlock iphone?

I have recently paid last bill. I am overseas now in the UK and haven't been using the iphone for 5 months now. I wish to unlock it but it now says my phone number is invalid. How can I get this unlockked without going to a sketchy unlock it place?

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You basically lost your chance to get Koodo to unlock it for you when you cancelled. You can check if the provider you want to activate with can unlock it when you activate it, but I doubt it. Your best choice will probably be to go to one of those 3rd party cell places that unlock phones.
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I have used www.daxgsm.com to unlock iPhones in the past. This will be more expensive than Koodo, but since Koodo's no longer an option, you may wish to give it a shot.

However, if you have any friends or family that are with Koodo, you can get them to request an unlock for you for $35+tax that would be applied to their next bill. You can then settle that bill with them. All they would need is your IMEI# when they call.