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Moving to new phone with old plan

I have been looking to upgrade to an iphone 6 from my 5S, as I see it is now $0 with tab plus. 

I have an old, unavailable promo plan currently ($48 ultd talk text 1 gb data) and i am wondering if i can keep this, and then the tab cost of the 6 would just be added to it. 

I read an old forum post about not being able to keep old plans if you used tab large, but that tab system doesnt seem to exist anymore. 

Can anyone help?


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Hi Justin,

Similarly, if you use the tab plus you cannot keep your plan and must get a new tab plus plan. If you get the regular tab, and pay 414$ upfront, you will be able to keep your plan. 
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If you keep your plan and go with Tab(no tab activation credit):  
> The amount you will pay in 24 mos
-  plan($48 x 24mo) + phone $774 = $1926

If you go with Tab plus option:
> The amount you will pay in 24 mos
 - Cheapest Tab Plus Plan ($69 x 24mo) + phone $504 = $2160

You will get $270 activation credit for your phone with Tab plus, 
but your plan will increase $21/mo.  So you will pay more at the end.

Also, your monthly charge will be
$48 + $15 = $63/mo with Tab
$69 + $21 = $90/mo with Tab plus

I would keep your current plan($48, 1GB) if I were you.