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MMS Problems

When receiving a mms the picture is removed and replaced with "Content was removed because your handset cannot display it." Iphone 5 on ios 7, tried resetting network settings but no luck.

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It could be the size of the pic? try having them resize the (at lower resolution) pic and sending it again.
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Silly question, did you ever installed Onavo? ************ If resetting the network corrected the problem once chances are its a network problem. If it was an issue with your phone resetting the network would not have done anything. You can double check your iPhone by going to Settings> Messages and insure the MMS Messaging is set to ON
It is a pic from an iphone so size shouldn't be a problem. I did install onavo data manager for a few minutes last night, but have since deleted it. Is there a known issue with that app? I'm not positive, but. I don't think it's my phone. It's only a few months old and has pic msgs have worked right up untill yesterday.
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I had same issue with an iphone I had. I had Onavo at one point, but deleted it. I had forgot that it installs a "profile" onto your phone. I found the only way to completly delete onavo was to follow these steps and delete the profile they installed. Goto your iPhone's Settings -> General -> Profiles Locate the Onavo profile Tap 'Remove' If you EVER had Onavo installed you need to follow these steps!! Fixed it for me!! Hope it helps!!
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BTW, did it just started today? You can still send pictures, can't you?
Mine started the same thing yesterday!!! I can't send or receive mms!!! I've always been able to!!!
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Tracy Hachey wrote:

Mine started the same thing yesterday!!! I can't send or receive mms!!! I've always been able to!!!

How bad Tracy. Follow the steps above. We are investigating the issue. Seems some other user are having the same issue. You are not the only one. Once i have news we will let you know.
Xavier, I don't have a profiles option in settings > general, so I guess that means I don't have a profile installed. Tracy, I can't send mms to other koodo customers, but other carriers seem to work (Rogers does for sure). I cannot recieve mms from any carrier though.
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This is a known issue right now. Koodo is aware of it and is looking into a fix. Should be resolved in 72 hours, but may take longer than that.