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mini sim to micro sim. is there any charge?

If I am an existing Koodo customer, and i need a micro sim for my iphone 4s, but my existing sim is mini sim which i use for my samsung phone, is there any charge if i request to have a new one?

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There is no such thing as a mini sim, the 3 sizes are regular, micro and nano.
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If you want to purchase a new sim card, they are $10 each. If you are going to purchase a new device that uses a different sim, then the sim will come with the phone so you don't have to worry. But there is so mini, only regular, micro and nano.
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You can always cut it on your own, that's what I did & works great. As a bonus if cut properly you can keep the outter frame so you can swap between devices depending what size it needs. Personally using the same SIM I go from nano-to-micro-to-standard