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Manitoba 5G plan throttled?

  • 9 January 2015
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I just switched over from Rogers to the Manitoba 5G data/canadawide plan. I have reset the network settings and even wiped the iphone (4s), but my data is still slow. In safari the progress bar will go 1/4 of the way then freeze. Some times it will be fine. Full signal strength at these times also. Is the 5GB plan slower data to compensate for the amount of data given. I am not sure I will stay with Koodo if this is how it always be. Thanks for any info!

6 replies

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How many bars are you getting? I was in Winnipeg this Tuesday and didnt have any issues (LTE and 3G) Can you MMS? How safari on wifi? Is it slow or does Safari not even load?
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I suspect it's something to do with your phone's settings. Or maybe a safari issue. They don't throttle data, I'm sure we would have heard an outcry if they did. Throttling is something I've see n more often with companies when you get "unlimited" data.
Wifi works fine on safari but not 3G. No issues with MMS. I just downloaded chrome and it seems fine on 3G...weird. How do I know my provider settings are correct? Thanks for the help everyone!
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Wifi works fine on safari but not 3G. No issues with MMS. I just downloaded chrome and it seems f...If your provider setting weren't correct then you wouldn't get data to work at all I would think. Do you have it set to LTE, and do you get LTE in the area your in? Did the phone work at one time or is this your first experience with the phone? In most cases your phones data connection will be slower than a wifi connection if that's what your comparing to when saying that data is "slow" Check your Safari settings, I don't use IOS regularly so not sure but is there a setting to open pages in a desktop format or mobile format? If so the desktop format will take slightly longer to load since it's actually loading the full Web page which contains more data such as data heavy visuals, so that could affect your loading speeds.
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Did you block data to Safari? Settings>Cellular
I have same concern also just switched to koodo and my speeds ate 2 to 6 mbps while lte when it rarely connects gives me 23 to 28mbps. I came from rogers and their lte was 60 to 100 mbps. I set my apn to koodo. Was an unlocked phone and worked fast when I was with rogers. Is their other settings I missing I'm in the mississauga and etobicoke region by 427 and finch.